Spa treatment prices

Facial treatments

Treatment Price
Fountain of youth for HER Euro 139,00
Radiant beauty for HER Euro 96,00
Pure nature for HER Euro 96,00
Simply delication for HIM Euro 129,00
Top Fit for HIM Euro 96,00

From head to toe

Treatment Price
Eyelesh tint 20min Euro 19,00
Eyebrow tint 10min Euro 17,00
Eyebrow shaping 10min Euro 14,00
Day Make-Up 40min Euro 48,00
Manicure 50min Euro 59,00
Medical manicure 60min Euro 69,00
Nails varnished Euro 10,00
French nails varnished Euro 15,00
Depilation lower leg up to the knee Euro 39,00
Depilation whole leg Euro 53,00
Depilation bikini zone, Armpits Euro 28,00
Depilation face (upper lip, chin) Euro 15,00

Classic massages

Treatment Price
Full body massage 50min Euro 75,00
Full body massage 60min Euro 89,00
Full body massage incl. head massage 75min Euro 112,00
Back- and neck massage 25min Euro 46,00
Back- and neck massage 40min Euro 64,00
Sport massage for the leg 25min Euro 46,00
Foot reflex zone massage 25min Euro 46,00
Foot reflex zone massage 40min Euro 64,00
Energising back massage 50min Euro 85,00

Relaxing massages

Treatment Price
Facial lymph drainage 40min Euro 64,00
Body lymph drainage 50min Euro 89,00
Facial massage 25min Euro 46,00
Facial massage 40min Euro 64,00
Foot massage 25min Euro 46,00

Far eastern massages

Treatment Price
Lomi Lomi Nui 60min Euro 98,00
Lomi Lomi Nui 90min Euro 138,00
Hot Stone 75min Euro 119,00
Thai-Massage 60min Euro 98,00
Thai-Massage 90min Euro 138,00
Sound massage 50min Euro 94,00

Alpine relaxtion ceremonies

Treatment Price
Detox Deluxe 60min Euro 96,00
Alpine relexation 60min Euro 94,00
Energised legs & feet 75min Euro 112,00
Anti-stress massage 90min Euro 135,00

Spa packages for HER and HIM

Treatment Price
Spa package for HER Euro 270,00
Spa package for HIM Euro 242,00
Mountain dream Euro 242,00

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