Personal Yoga on 903 meter

The full attention of our Yoga teacher Johanna and her team of "Natural Yoga" is all about you or a small group of your choice. Whether you desire to strengthen selected body zones, to become more flexible or just to calm your mind, the personal yoga classes are tailored to your individual goals. Also ideal for family yoga, children's yoga and the gentle entry into the yoga world.

Prices in a glace

Single sesion 60 Minutes € 90,00 by maximum 4 people
Single sesion 90 Minutes € 135,00 für maximum 4 people

Soul whispers

Do you want to experience inner peace, to regain access to your intuition, to separate the essential from the nonessential? Then dive into the silence with our meditation trainer to let the outside and to give the meeting with you space

One-hour (60 min): EUR 95,00 - max. 4 people

You can register directly with our staff at the reception. You can also contact us as an external guest if you are planning a yoga class with friends or family.

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