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Classic massages

The skin is the body's largest organ and millions of sensitive nerve cells react to every type of touch.

During a relaxing massage the oxytocin hormone is released which breaks down the stress hormone and connects to feelings such as trust and tranquillity.

Oxytocin also directly influences the vegetative nervous system which reduces mental strain.

Targeted massage techniques, using either gentle or strong pressure, are tailored specifically to your needs. Treat yourself to some time for you!
Classic massages

Classic massages

Our recommendation: For extreme tension enjoy a moor wrap in the water bed.

Full body massage (50 minutes)
Euro 65,00
Full body massage (60 minutes)
Euro 78,00
Full body massage including a head massage (75 minutes)
Euro 98,00
Back & neck massage (25 minutes)
Euro 41,00
Back & neck massage (40 minutes)
Euro 56,00
Sports massage for the legs (25 minutes)
Euro 41,00
Foot reflex zone massage (25 minutes)
Euro 43,00
Foot reflex zone massage (40 minutes)
Euro 60,00
Energising back massage 50 minutes
Euro 73,00
Candle Light- full body massage 50 minutes
Euro 75,00
Facial massage 25 minutes
Euro 43,00
Facial Massage 40 minutes
Euro 56,00
Foot massage 25 minutes
Euro 41,00
Lymph drainage

Lymph drainage

Our recommendation: For purification, water retention, heavy arms and legs, headaches and swelling under the eyes.

The lymph circulation is stimulated during this gentle massage using a special gripping technique. The detoxifying process in the tissue is promoted and the immune system is strengthened. The treatment has a soothing, diuretic, healing effect on blockages and is ideal after operations, for scar treatments and slipped discs.

Body lymph drainage (60 minutes)
Euro 85,00
Facial lymph drainage (40 minutes)
Euro 58,00

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