Feel-good massages

A soothing relaxation massage with wonderfully fragrant oils let you forget the stress of everyday life and leads you to inner peace and serenity.

Well-being massages in overview

  • Face massages

    25 Minutes

    € 49,00

    The skin is better blood circulation, swelling go back and small wrinkles are mitigated.

  • Foot massages

    25 Minutes

    € 49,00

    Do your feet and something good for you and let yourself be pampered. Our tip: Your feet are particularly pleased about a foot massage after exercise or simply for relaxation.

  • Lymphatic drainage facial

    40 Minutes face

    € 69,00

    Soft and flowing movements stimulate the lymphatic circulation and promote detoxification in the tissue.

  • Lymphatic drainage body

    50 Minutes Body

    € 89,00

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