• Natural salt body scrub

    25 Minutes

    € 39,00

    An intensive peeling has a regenerating, revitalizing effect and makes the skin silky smooth The moisturizing natural salt peeling of "Alpienne", with natural mountain salt and the powerful active ingredients of Arnica blossom & lemon grass, activates the metabolism and makes the skin smooth and supple.

  • Pure luxury

    90 Minutes

    € 156,00

    The most precious gold based on the treasures of the sea (the gold algae) envelops your skin with a wonderful shimmer. The luxurious body treatment regenerates the skin structure and strengthens the tissue. Meanwhile, enjoy a relaxing facial massage. The final full-body massage with the finest gold dust promotes blood circulation and brings you to a deep relaxation.

  • Tightening the silhouette

    75 Minutes

    € 109,00

    A toning intensive program with caffeine to improve contours. The active ingredients of ivy and lotus extract activate the metabolism and cause a deep purification and deacidification. Skin and tissue are tightened and the contours are visibly improved.

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