Alpine massage ceremony

100% natural care and wellness products from the Alps are used, which achieve their effect and durability completely without synthetic colors, fragrances and preservatives.

Alpine massage ceremony at a glance

  • Detox Deluxe

    60 Minutes

    € 89,00

    The zeolite rock, which is especially suitable for detoxification and detoxification, is the basis of the Alpienne-Detox treatment. Through the combination of high-quality active ingredients such as detoxifying grapefruit, kidney-stimulating yarrow and cell-expanding pepper, expert massages and releasing pads for feet and liver, an intensive metabolic process in the body is activated.

  • Alpine relaxation

    60 Minutes

    € 89,00

    Shut down and release. It starts with a herbal foot bath in Swiss stone pine and a foot massage with arnica cream. The muscles in the entire head, face, neck, shoulder and lumbar vertebrae area is loosened and deep-seated tension released.

  • Stone pine vital massage

    50 Minutes

    € 96,00

    Warmed pine rods promote the flow of energy and lead to loosening of tension and blockages. For a deep relaxation, a Swiss stone pine massage milk with arnica is also used. The warmth of the Zirbenstäbe and the Zirben massage milk penetrates tioef into the muscle layer and improves the blood circulation of the entire body.

  • Vital legs & feet

    75 Minutes

    € 106,00

    Pay special attention to the heavy and tired legs.
    The start is with a herbal foot bath in Swiss stone pine. The subsequent leg pack releases congestion and relaxes cramps. Meanwhile, enjoy a reflexology massage to activate body functions. The subsequent leg massage with Bergminze & Enzian promotes blood circulation and mobility of the muscles.

  • Anti Stress Massage

    90 Minutes

    € 125,00

    A combination of classical full body massage followed by a head, face and neck massage. It starts with a herbal foot bath in Swiss stone pine and a foot massage with arnica. A thermal compress in the area of the spinal cord releases tension and brings you into deep relaxation.

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