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Ear candles – Indian relaxation ceremony

This natural method dates back to a centuries old tradition from the original inhabitants of North America.

The principle behind this is purely physical. Waves of vibration are created in the ear candle through a stack effect and act in a way that is similar to a gentle ear-drum massage. We use ear candles made from high purity beeswax with honey extract and herbs like sage, St John's wort and camomile. You will experience a warm feeling of security and deep relaxation.

Ear candles are particularly effective for...

General ear hygiene and hearing problems
Colds, bronchitis, sinus problems
Sleeplessness, inner unrest, fatigue
Allergies (grass, pollen, hay fever)
Earache, noises in the ear, tinnitus
Strengthening the immune system
Headaches, migraines
Pressure or residual water in the ear
Detoxifying, regenerating and rejuvenating the whole body
Opening up the energy canals (Chakra)
Our recommendation with double effect:

After the ear candle treatment, we recommend the following massages to promote the break down and removal of toxins.

Ear candles ceremony

Ear candles ceremony

Single treatment

25 minutes
Euro 39.00
Ear candles ceremony

Ear candles ceremony

Combination treatment

Facial lymph drainage – purifying (50 minutes)
Euro 72.00
Foot reflex massage – detoxifying (50 minutes)
Euro 72.00
Precious stone face massage – relaxing (50 minutes)
Euro 72.00

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