Facial for the lady

  • Jungbrunn

    90 Minutes

    € 139,00

    Timexpert Lift - the effective anti-aging treatment improves the structure and elasticity of your skin sustainably. Innovative complexes of active ingredients fill up dryness lines and wrinkles visibly. With cleaning> enzyme peeling> cleansing> eyebrow correction> facial massage> fleece mask and final care. A small hand care program during the mask completes the program.

  • Shining beauty

    60 Minutes

    € 96,00

    Timexpert C + - Vitamin C, iron and calcium promote cell renewal and provide intense luminosity. With cleaning> mint exfoliation> cleansing> eyebrow correction> facial massage with ampoule of active ingredient> firming fleece mask and final care.

  • Nature Pur

    60 Minutes

    € 96,00

    Alpienne - based on traditional recipes, Alpienne produces the purest natural products whose exceptional quality is based on the use of 100% raw materials from controlled wild collection for their production. The natural products are individually tailored to your skin type - for sensitive, mature or dehydrated skin. Cleaning> Olive core peeling> Cleaning> Eyebrow shaping> Face massage> Detox face mask> Eye mask with zeolite eye pads> Final care

  • Daily Makup

    40 Minutes

    € 48,00

    You would like to be made up for a specific occasion or just so from us? Our beauticians will gladly advise you and make-up for your special occasion.

  • Extras for the face

    20 Minutes

    € 19,00

    dye eyelashes

  • Extras for the face

    10 Minutes

    € 17,00

    to color eyebrows

  • Extras for the face

    10 Minutes

    € 14,00

    Grasp eyebrows

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