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Fillet of beef in a mushroom crust

Ingredients crust:

200g chanterelles
50g white bread without crust, cut in dices
200g butter
2 egg yolks
100g white bread crumbs
3 table spoons chopped parsley
salt, pepper

Ingredients fillet of beef:

4 slices fillet of beef approx 180g
salt, pepper


Roast the chanterelles in some oil until the liquid is vaporized. Roast the white bread dices in some oil until they are golden-brown, then put the chanterelles and the roasted bread to a cold place. Now, stirring the butter with the yolks to a foamy dough, then add the white bread dices, parsley, chanterelles and bread crumbs. At least taste it with some salt and pepper.
Press the fillets in form and sear them from both sides, the meat has to be still rare.
Taste the meat with some salt and pepper then put the chanterelles dough over the fillets approx. 1cm. In the end gratinate it in the oven at 220° C top heating for approx. 8 minutes.

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