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Ladies' facial treatment

The combination of the innovative methods used in the Germaine de Capuccini/Barcelona products and our high quality demands gives your skin everything that it needs. Experience their unrivalled effectiveness for yourself.
Fountain of youth

Fountain of youth

Our recommendation: For deep wrinkles around the eyes and the mouth.

Anti-wrinkle time expert... soya proteins improve the skin’s structure. The production of collagen and elastin (which fill in and smooth facial lines and wrinkles) is stimulated. The programme is completed with a hand treatment while you are wearing the mask.

90 minutes
Euro 114,00
Simply natural

Simply natural

Our recommendation: For sensitive skin and for anyone who places importance on natural and biological products.

based on a white tea extract, this treatment has an anti-oxidant effect and protects against signs of skin ageing. All of the products contain only herbal ingredients that have been ecologically cultivated with no parabens, silicon or artificial dyes! The special face massage using precious stones has a very energising effect.

60 minutes
Euro 78,00
Freshness kick

Freshness kick

Our recommendation: For all skin types suffering from dehydration and to maintain elasticity.

Hydracure... hyaluronic acid delivers maximum moisture and stimulates the natural defence system given the different environmental conditions. The skin’s protective function remains intact and the skin is softened.

75 minutes
Euro 95,00
Radiant beauty

Radiant beauty

Our recommendation: For lacklustre, pale skin and for reactivating the skin's functions.

Pearl Sensation...
this treatment is particularly rich in proteins and minerals extracted from precious pearls, which help to regenerate cells by signs of extreme fatigue. This revitalises the skin’s natural defence system.

60 minutes
Euro 78,00
Extras for the face

Extras for the face

Eyelash tint, Eyebrow tint, Eyebrow shaping, Depilation upper lip or chin.

Eyelash tint (20 minutes)
Euro 15,00
Eyebrow tint (10 minutes)
Euro 13,00
Eyebrow shaping (10 minutes)
Euro 11,00
Depilation upper lip or chin (10 minutes)
Euro 12,00

All facial treatments contain: skin diagnosis, cleansing, peeling, to requirement Vapozon and purification, active substance ampoules, massage, active substance mask, final care.

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