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The healing power of nature for body & soul

The alpine world provides us with natural gifts through the power of Alpine herbs, which give people the best. The natural products from Aplienne/Tyrol are inspired by the rich heritage of Alpine folk medicine and the long tradition of the healing power of plants.

We will activate your energy flow with 100 % natural products from the Tyrolean mountains for pure relaxation, vitality and skin care.

The ceremonies start with a herbal foot bath in a Swiss pine tub and a foot massage using arnica cream, which promotes all-round relaxation.

Detox Deluxe

Detox Deluxe

The zeolite rock, which is especially suitable for detoxification and deacidification, is base on Alpienne-Detox treatments.

The combination of high-quality ingredients such as detoxifiying grapefruit, kidney-stimulating yarrow and cell increasing pepper, adding skilfull massages and detoxifying pads for feet and liver will activate an intense metabolic process in the body.

60 minutes
Euro 89.00
Alpine all around

Alpine all around

A natural salt peeling stimulates the blood flow and triggers dead horny scales.

The subsequent regenerating tightening pack in the water weave allows you to glide beautifully.
Finally, you can enjoy a soothing whole body massage with propolis milk, which strengthens the immune system and relaxes the muscles.

110 minutes
Euro 145.00
Anti-stress massage

Anti-stress massage

Starts with a herbal foot bath in swiss pine tub and a foot massage with arnica cream.

The anti-stress massage is a combination of classic full body massage followed by head, face and neck massage. A heat compress in the area of the erector spine relieves tension and brings you into a deep relaxation.

90 minutes
Euro 129.00
Energised legs & feet

Energised legs & feet

Starts with a herbal foot bath in swiss pine tub. The following leg pack relaxes blockages and loosens cramps.

Meanwhile you enjoy a foot reflex massage to activate the body functions. The subsequent leg massage with mountain mint & gentian stimulates circulation and mobility of the muscels.

75 minutes
Euro 102.00
Alpine relaxation

Alpine relaxation

Switch off and let go. All of the muscles in the head, face, neck, shoulder, lumbar vertebra and sacral area are gently relaxed.

Starts with a herbal foot bath in swiss pine tub and a foot massage with arnica cream. The muscles in the entire head, face, neck, shoulder and lumbar region will be relaxed and deep tensios will be dissolved.

60 minutes
Euro 85.00
Swiss-pine-wood massage

Swiss-pine-wood massage

Warmed pine bars promote energy flow and lead to loosening in tension and blockages

In the swiss-pine-vital massage we use heated pine sticks with different lengths and with differently used diameters. kFor deep relaxation, a pine-massage milk with arnica is taken. The heat of the pine sticks and the pine-massage milk penetrates deep into the muscle layer and improve blood circulation of the whole body, promotes the flow of energy and leads to relaxation in tension and blockages.

50 minutes
Euro 92.00
Alpine harmony

Alpine harmony

Enjoy a relaxing facial massage with 100% pure naturally products from the Tyrolean mountains.

The skin on the face, neck and dékolleté is better circulated, swellings go back, headaches and tensions will be reduced.

25 minutes
Euro 41.00
40 minutes
Euro 59.00

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