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Detoxifying with the down going moon

The organism is located in the most efficient form.

Special times:

15.12.11 until 24.12.11
10.01.12 until 23.01.12
08.02.12 until 21.02.12
09.03.12 until 22.03.12

Detoxify, purify and sweating are the efficiency of the down going moon.

The moon is getting closer to earth, in which the seeing part of the moon is illuminated by the sun and appears smaller. Until to the dead moon phase the moon gets smaller daily on the right side. The impulses are directed to reduce. It frees you from doubt and fears and bundles your energy for the next moon cycle.

The organism is in physical and mental high efficient form.

"Detoxifying for body and soul"

1x Smooth silhouette 75 min.
2x Body lymph drainage 60 min.
1x Thalasso Body wrap in the water bed 45 min.

Wellness with the down going moon

Wellness with the down going moon

Minimum length of stay: 4 days

For a great price:
Euro 285,00

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Sport- und Wellnesshotel Bichlhof Kitzbühel | Österreich

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