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Active week program

snowshoe hiking

Explore the nature!

Those seeking the pure experience of the great outdoors will prefer their snowshoes and set off across the fields into the heart of the winter landscape. Join in and find both peace and challenge!

Try it during your stay at the Sport-Wellnesshotel Bichlhof!



Explore the Kitzbüheler ski area from it's most beautiful side. As a service for our guests we offer a ski guiding once a week. For further information please ask at the reception desk.

Aqua gymnastic


Aqua gym is one of the best sports because it is very effectively and easy to the joints. It improves the posture because of the water and you will be free of muscle ache on the day after.

Body Workout

"Fit into the winter" Workout - abs, legs and bottom Combined with a warm up we tighten the tyical problem area with focus on abs, legs and bottom. Muscle forming ecersises for the upper part of the body will also be integrated. We end the lesson with soothing relaxing ecersises. For beginners and for advancers.

By specific stretching practises the shortened muscles will be invigorated and stretched. Ideal after a body workout.

Back- & spine gymnastics
For preventing or to treat back problems. Specific exercises strenghtens the musculoskeletal system and support the mobility of the spine. Ligaments, joints and spinal discs will be relieved. Discomforts can be reduced.

Nordic Walking

  • activates and trains 90% of the whole muscular system due to the arm-stick-movement
  • it is 40-50% more effective than walking without sticks
  • increases the energy consumption
  • improves the heart circulation system and trains the whole body, not as like while you are walking or jogging, there you train just the legs
  • solves muscle tension in shoulder- and neck area
  • prevent back problems

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